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Wa​rrior Tactical Systems LLC

The firearms training industry today bears many similarities to the culture of the traditional martial arts in Bruce Lee's era. Many schools keep jealously guarded secrets from one another. They put each other down while claiming to be the best or truest, charging other systems with stealing and incorrectly applying their secret techniques. This type of culture stifles collaboration and growth. We are either growing or decaying. There is nothing in between. It is with this belief in mind that WTS seeks to move the art forward in the spirit of openness and collaboration. You may hear logical reasons why we don't advocate a particular system or technique but, you'll never hear us put down or degrade an instructor or practitioner of that method. Join us in building the future of the fighting arts!  

Weapon Accessing & Retention

Concealed Carry Course

Women's Self Defense Course


"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own."

- Bruce Lee

Our Philosophy

Warrior Tactical Systems brings Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do philosophy to the realm of firearms training and tactics. We use whatever works, regardless of where it comes from or who designed it. We believe the individual is more important than the system, style or material of any one school.  Therefore, this site has links throughout of my personal instructors and people that have influenced me but, it also contains links to trainers, and my competitors, that I don't necessarily agree with. Because your survival is more important than my bottom line, I encourage you visit the links provided and train with as many instructors as you can. 

What I teach here at WTS is how to test whatever techniques, tactics and training methods you choose to adopt. An armed civilian will not have the same needs as a Law Enforcement Officer, who will not have the exact same needs as a Special Forces Operator. The bottom line for all three is, does it work in the real world against resisting adversaries?