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Wa​rrior Tactical Systems LLC

“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” 

                                                                 - Eric Hoffer

     Paul Clark has been training and teaching in various martial arts for the last 20 years, earning black belts and instructorships along the way. Paul has trained and cornered fighters for amateur mixed martial arts events during his years of training in Virginia. He has fought in over fifty full contact stick and mixed weapons fights and achieved Warrior Member status, as well as an Instructorship from the Full Spectrum Combat Academy.

     Mr. Clark had the privilege to teach a seminar for a group of Marine Corp Martial Arts Instructors at the Naval Security Group Activity in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2004. He also teaches firearms and combatives related seminars at the Mock Prison Riot, a convention that draws Law Enforcement professionals from around the world. Paul has been teaching various martial arts topics in seminars and in 12 week Intensive module format since 2003. He has operated a successful martial arts school since 2006.

     Paul is currently an Investigator in the Division of Corrections. He is a Senior Firearms Instructor and helped design the Defensive Tactics program. He is a Master Instructor in Defensive Tactics and Mechanical Restraints and was formerly a training officer for the Division. He is also a NRA Pistol Instructor and has attended a variety of law enforcement and firearms related schools and seminars. He has competed in IDPA competitions since 1997 and has participated in 3 gun matches both privately and for the DOC.

     Paul is constantly researching and studying to implement better teaching and training methods to improve the delivery of material to students. He has attended training by Ann Bumbak the author of Dynamic Police Training and Officer Down 2012: Lessons Learned and Richard Neil the author of Police Instructor as well as a 40 hour Training for Trainers course through the DOC, among others. Mr. Clark has taken his extensive martial arts and firearms training background and applied the concept of using progressive resistance against a reactive, resisting opponent and applied it to civilian self defense and law enforcement training and development.