Force Science research could not only save your life on the streets, it could also save your future in the courtroom. Check it out and integrate these finding into your training.

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Scenario Based Training Articles and Ideas

10 key steps for safe, effective simulation training

Decision Making Training

Developing a Scenario Based Training Program

REALITY-BASED TRAINING: Skill development in Survival Stress Responses

Active Shooter Articles and Courses

Click on the PDF image to see fatalities by gunshot only.

Law Enforcement Resources

If you haven't read, studied and taken notes on Brian McKenna's Officer Down series of articles at, do your self a favor and check them out.

The above incidents is why we need thorough safety protocols in place. If you have a police one account this video (Force on Force Simulator Instructor) is an excellent guide to safe, reality based training. Also check out Ken Murray's book below.

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If you are in Law Enforcement and haven't heard of Arrestling or Don Gulla, you are missing an invaluable resource. This guy pressure tests the tools and techniques LEO's need to survive in the streets. He's the real deal and a hell of a nice guy. Check out his website at  and his YouTube Channel