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Some of my favorites. Keep in mind these are not how to, technique books.


"You know what you know, and you got to believe and have the nerve."

                                  -Grandmaster Angel Cabelas

Straight Blast Martial Arts Academy

Adults only classes are held every
Monday from 5:30pm to 7:00pm in Woodsfield, OH. The system is based on Jeet Kune Do Concepts and addresses all ranges of empty hand and armed combat.

On the ground, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is our greatest influence but, it’s altered to address the realities of multiple attackers and weapons of various types. Sambo, Wrestling and Kina Mutai can also be seen in our method. (Check out my BJJ instructor at (
http://www.gustavomachado.com/ )

In the clinch, Thai Boxing and Greco Roman wrestling are the main influences. They are again altered from the original sporting aspect to a street modified version including Silat, Wing Chun and others.

At long range, Boxing and Thai Boxing provide the starting point that Jeet Kune Do and Kali build upon along with pieces of other arts that fit the situation. Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting Systems (http://fighting.net/) has been my a strong influence on my personal priorities in tactics for street self defense.

Surviving a sudden close quarters ambush so, we can apply all the skills previously mentioned, is a critical component of our training. In this realm Tony Blauer (http://www.tonyblauer.com) has been my primary influence. His sucker punch concepts provide a critical bridge between an instinctive flinch reaction and the application of martial arts techniques.

Our edge and impact weapons methods come almost exclusively from various Filipino Martial Arts with a bit of Krabi Krabong from Thailand. My strongest influence has come from the Dog Brothers methods of real contact fighting. (www.dogbrothers.com)

Each of these ranges, and the systems used in them, could take a lifetime to master. We train by the Jeet Kune Do concept of accepting what is useful, rejecting what is useless and adding what is specifically your own. We use no way as way and believe truth is indeed, a pathless land. Though there are many universal principles, it is up to the individual student to find their own truth by discovering what works for them, based on their individual body type, temperament and attributes.