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 This page is intended to be a further resource for students. I cannot stock all the products I recommend to my students so, I have become an affiliate with a few companies I believe in. You can click on the links above for more details and to buy products. Below is a brief overview of what you will find and why I believe in the products I recommend.

Airsoft Guns

I love airsoft guns! The are outstanding training tools whether you a beginner or expert with firearms. I use them for low cost target practice and for force on force gunfight training. They are a great tool to get kids involved in the shooting sports or just to teach basic safety. I highly recommend them as a first gun to start teaching kids basic marksmanship. They get to know the exact mechanics of how the guns operate and can build the fundamentals of marksmanship without developing a flinch from the noise and recoil. For serious shooters I recommend you buy a replica of what you carry. My airsoft gun fits my daily carry holster and operates the same as my daily carry gun. It feels good to train the way you fight! You can see several videos of ways to train with airsoft on our Videos Page. I am no longer carrying Airsoft guns but, they are readily available elswehere online.


​This is a  link to Dragon Door. I have been buying their stuff since 2002 when my buddy Phil Wyman first got me started on Kettlebells. I met Pavel in 2003 at the Arnold Classic and I've been hooked ever since. Not only is this a great site for instructional videos and fitness tools, it is also packed full of useful information on all manner of subjects related to health and fitness. I'll get some kettlebell videos up soon. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you give them a try, if you haven't already. Click on the image below to check out the catalog. Lots of good articles.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

This is a link to our Advocare site. Once again, people I highly respect got me started on Advocare. Fellow Martial Artist and Firearms Instructor Brady Stewart introduced me to Advocare when I asked him how he was getting such great results with his fitness and energy levels. I believe we spoke for over an hour that day about the amazing results he was getting and about what a great company Advocare was. His enthusiasm was infections and his results spoke for themselves. Plus a week earlier my friend Phil's wife Jessica Wyman had posted on Facebook about her results with Advocare. When I realized three people I respect and who's opinion I highly value had discovered the benefits of Advocare, though they lived hundreds of miles apart, I was convinced. You can read about my experience with the 24 Day Challenge on theWarrior Focus Blog. 

Preparedness and Food Storage

This is our affiliate link to Wise Company Food Storage. I'm also a wholesaler now so, if you want to save on shipping and pick up your order locally, place your order by phone. Here in the Ohio Valley it is just common sense to have enough food in the pantry for a few weeks at least. Winter storms can be pretty rough around here so, everyone knows to put a little away. Plus a few summer's ago we had a wind storm, known as a derecho, that left most of the valley without power for over a week and much longer in some places. Everything in the fridge went bad in a hurry. FEMA recommends you keep two weeks worth of food on hand. I recommend having at least a month's worth of food, for everyone in your household, as a good place to start. I like Wise Company because they have food that your family will eat. That's right, it actually tastes good! Plus you don't have to worry about keeping track of the dates on your food and cycling them out. Wise Foods will last up to 25 years or longer. Now I don't mind chewing on jerky and breaking my teeth on homemade hardtack for a few days of survival camping but, it does get old after a while. Many people eat Wise Company food as part of their regular diet. It's that good and good for you. Invest in months worth. Put it in the basement and forget it's there. You'll thank me when you need it.

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