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Preparedness As A Way of Life

Preparedness isn't about scarcity and hoarding. It's based on basic natural laws and it's just about common sense. We have to have bad times to recognize the good times. If we put away for the bad times they won't be so bad and we could help make someone else's troubles a little easier. Put a kit in your car and add a few blankets and supplies during the winter. Buy some freeze dried food that lasts 25 years. Put it in the pantry and forget about it. Learn some basic principles of survival, like the rule of three's and the mechanisms of heat loss. If that's all you do you're way ahead of a lot of people. Just get started. There's a lot you can learn and you may find you like being the person who is prepared to handle situations.

Survival Skills

Awareness without preparation equals anxiety. Anyone can find themselves in a survival situation at anytime, no matter where you live. It could be caused by nature or man. It can be long term, like being lost in the wilderness or short term, like a violent physical assault. In either case there is no need for the subconscious anxiety you are feeling when a little preparedness can ease your mind and potentially save your life or the lives of others.  

Learning primitive survival skills has many more benefits than just physical survival. It also helps build an appreciation for all the comforts and conveniences we have in the modern world. You'll be surprised how much you can really do without. More importantly, if you work at it long enough and get out and experience it, you'll be on your way to developing a true attitude of gratitude!

Survival and Preparedness