Simplicity, Adaptability, Reality​

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Defend, strike and shoot. Shooting after being knocked down.

This is not a basic class. Students will have to show proof of basic safety and marksmanship training as well as an advanced gun handling. You will need a semi automatic handgun, holster, 2 spare magazines and mag holders and 300 rounds of ammunition along with ear and eye protection. You'll need at least 10 dummy rounds. We will be doing a lot of work with these rounds in the dry portion of the class and use them to set up malfunctions during live fire.  You will need an airsoft gun, preferably one that is an exact replica of your daily carry gun or will at least fit your normal carry holster, along with at least 1000 rounds of biodegradable 6mm airsoft BB's. You'll also need basic protective gear including an airsoft mask. A long sleeve shirt and a pair of gloves thin enough to handle your gun are also recommended.

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Please check out this video whether you are Law Enforcement or not. If you are a LEO you owe it to yourself and your family to visit:

https://www.valorforblue.org/Home You can attend training with Mr. Reston and several other exceptional trainers for free. I attended a class in Charleston, WV last year and it was well worth the time. You can visit Mr. Reston's site athttp://restongrouptraining.com


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Survival Shooting Fundamentals

Adaptability for the Worst Case Scenario

​Do you train consistently on loading, reloading, clearing malfunctions, etc? If so, good. We need those repetitions to build the muscle memory we need to perform these tasks subconsciously so, our conscious attention can be focused of other aspects of survival. But, the other side of the coin is, what do you do when that technique you consistently train isn't available? Panic? I don't think so. You adapt! However, it's easier said than done if you don't train to adapt.

Accept, Adapt and Act. The three A's according to Maha Guru Victor De Thouars of the Silat Serak system. Accept what is. In this class you will learn what the human animal is capable of, which will help steel your mind against the fear and shock someone with unrealistic beliefs about gunshot wounds might experience. Adapt to the situation. You will learn several ways to deal with a variety of possible injuries and limitations. Take action. That's what we're all about. You will get plenty of repetitions in this class and you'll test those reps at the end in a force on force scenario under adverse conditions.