​​​​​​Concealed Carry Course

The training course was well organized, very informative, and effectively showed how to safely and responsibly own a firearm.  –Josh Bailey

Strongly recommend! Awesome job, it was very informative.  – William Vessels

Paul Clark is a great instructor!  - Brandy Miller

Did a wonderful job. Most beneficial? The personal attention that I received and knowledge that I was given.  – Kari Maury

Instructor appeared very knowledgeable and friendly. Conducted class very professionally.

Great course, very well taught. Great course for beginner through intermediate shooters.

Paul was very knowledgeable about subject matters. Explained things very well. I think this course was very helpful for me. It gave me a lot to think about.  - Larry Lilley

Paul did an excellent job of presenting the class. Very personable and patient and quite knowledgeable. Excellent course!!  - Sharon Burke

This class was excellent for novices like me as well as experienced shooters.  - Rick Hyre

Very well presented and explained well also.  - Emerson McKimmie

Great instructor with a lot of patience.  - Mary Jo McKimmie

Everything was excellent but, course needs to be longer.  - Lynn Cottrill

As someone who has never touched a gun before, Paul made it very helpful and easy to learn and to be comfortable holding and shooting a gun.  - Madison Fisher

This was a great class. Paul was very helpful and patient.  - Carole Fisher

Women’s Self Defense Course

Feeling much more confident than walking in! I worry about “freezing” in a situation but, now I feel I could actually put up a hell of a fight! Seeing the execution between Paul and Pat was amazing! Very impressive!!  -Ashley Rew Graham

Felt very, very practical and useful without being unreasonably complicated. Great class, thank you!  -Katy Watkins

Paul was very personable/relatable, very knowledgeable and answered all questions.  –Carrie Duncan

This workshop gives me more confidence that I will be successful in defusing or surviving if I am ever attacked. Thanks!  -Kathy “KJ” Burley

Thank you for offering the class. I go a lot out of the class and feel comfortable that I could use it to help me and help me feel safer. Thank you!  -Brandi Carson

The chance to do moves/holds with Pat gave it a reality. His size/weight compared to other women. Big difference. Thank you! Call me for any advanced class.  -Teresa Loy

Your ability to explain and assist with technique was very good. Demonstrations and explanations of techniques was great.  -Georganne Ickler

Really had fun and learned a lot about my personal safety.  –Jessica Ickler

Every woman needs to know how to defend herself! Here's a chance to learn from one of the best, Paul Clark!  -Jodi Kershuk

Simple but, effective techniques. I definitely feel more comfortable after taking this class.  -Brooke James

I would recommend this class.  -Carson Pennington

I thought the hands-on was very helpful and educational.  -Kristi Walker

Paul answered every question! Very affordable, would recommend.  -Kylee Walker 


Would love to participate in more classes like this.  -Stephanie King

Law Enforcement Courses

Dynamic training opportunity with real life applications.  – Quimet Strider

The interaction and hands on training was very relevant and helped me realize the importance of repetition.  –Darvin Duncombe, Tactical Unit, HMP Nassau, Bahamas

Most valuable was the development in teaching staff how to enhance their skills.  

Paul Clark, a great defensive force instructor. This guy is a really knowledgeable instructor.  

-Sergeant David Nash, Academy Instructor, Tennessee 


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