Simplicity, Adaptability, Reality​

Wa​rrior Tactical Systems LLC

Reality: It's across the bottom of the triangle because it is the basis of everything we do at WTS. The bottom line is our techniques, training methods and equipment must work in the real world.

The Knife: The highly recognizable Ka-bar was the fighting knife of the USMC for many years. It is across the bottom because knives are one of the worlds most common weapons and it represents the gritty reality of violence.

Simplicity: Simple things can be learned and applied quickly and hold up well under stress. Some people use the term simple to diminish a technique, concept, method, etc. I consider it a great compliment. If a light bulb comes on, and a student says "That so simple. Why didn't I think of that?", I know I've done my job. A few simple techniques, that can be applied to as many situations as possible, should form the core of your training.

The Rifle: It is a Sig Sauer 556R. It's not the iconic American M16 or the prolific AK 47. It is a combination of the two that strives to integrate the best of both systems while mitigating the weaknesses of each. It is with simplicity because, it can be a relatively complex weapon system. We seek to simplify it's use so, it can be operated effectively under high stress situations.

Adaptability: This is the other side of simplicity. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Though techniques, tactics, concepts, etc need to be simple, the operator must have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the various situations they may encounter. After a student has learned the basic technique, we don't reset and start over every time something goes wrong. We encourage the students to flow and apply creative problem solving as early in the training process as possible. You can't possibly train for every eventuality but, you can train to adapt!

The Collapsible Baton: It is the modern incarnation of the ancient stick, man's first weapon. It is the standard carried by Law Enforcement and Security Personnel the world over. It is with adaptability because it is such a cave man simple weapon. It is the core weapon of many Filipino Martial Arts systems and paradoxically one of the best to teach adaptability or flow. We teach a depth of applications for this simple tool. 

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