Simplicity, Adaptability, Reality​

Wa​rrior Tactical Systems LLC

Headbutts, knees and elbows can be trained safely and dynamically. 

Women's Self Defense technique from the ground.

Resetting the bad guys loop in a reactive fight.

My JKD Concepts Instructor John Davis, kicking my ass. 

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Weapons accessing homework: Solo Training.

​Travis Haley on training with Airsoft.

Shooting from compressed positions.

Cheap, simple and challenging!

A simple one hand IA drill gets complicated when you're getting jerked around.

Firearm retention and decision making exercise.

Bail out, drivers view.

Knife Energy Drill with Weapons Accessing.

Disarms with resistance. The motorcycle helmet doesn't help much against headbutts, knees and elbows!

Gun deflections with Airsoft gun. They sting!

Kali drills can be adapted to any weapon or the empty hands. Drills like this built the quick reactions needed to block effectively in the fights above.

Scenario's after the Rapid Assault Tactics Program

Full Contact Sparring with my Friend and MMA Fighter Phil "Wicked" Wyman.

Underhook Takedown

Holding a gun while it discharges.

Stickfigting left handed with broken finger.